butterfly effect

Every body has heard the word that “pick flowers, the stars shake” But how many of us realize that it really happens.

I have best friend who just graduated from Europe. Well, you know how expensive it is to study in London. But you may not know that the money which one Thai student spends for master degree in abroad could build a house for a big family in countryside and buy food to feed them all for years.

My friend’s parents own a business. They import chemical fertilizer and sell it to  farmers. Their customers are from everywhere in Thailand. They surely make a lot of money from increasing the price which, of course, increases the cost of farming. The living cost is more and more expensive everyday but Thai farmers sell their product in cheaper price, especially when the world is full of free trade areas like these days. It means those farmers will never have better lives…

I’m not saying that my friend’s parents are bad people as I know them in person. I’m just sad to see that nowadays people don’t know how we affect each other’s lives. They have grown up with the idea that making money is making happiness. When was the first time people started to give the meaning to money and hold on to it?

My big question is..what is my friend going to do to make a better society, to give those farmers (who really gave her money for study) back.? I wonder as listening her talking about her new business, to sell again..

Am I too serious? Oh well..I’m just in the mood of complaining..

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