what are you fighting for?

I just finished reading 1,100 pages of the great story named “Personal History” by “Katharine Graham”. I am feeling smaller than I always feel, but also impressed. If you are American, you know well how powerful Katharine Graham was, how much she did for the mass communication and nations. She was one of those who bravely fought and strongly stood through the age of human being. Even you are not American, I believe you will feel the same as reading her story.

Since history of human began, we have been fighting for something believed that would bring us to the better world. Knowing that what people in the past did, what exactly they fought for and what inspired them to do so, I question to myself that what we are doing in the world which seems to be the better place. I feel that we are still fighting. We are even facing the worse enemy for we don’t really know and see it. Don’t you agree with me that everyday we wake up with fear and go to bed with exhausted body and mind? If we are in the better world, why there are more and more unhappy people? Why we still feel so lonely?

Oh well, at least, at the moment I know what I’m fighting with and for. It’s not the big thing and becuase I will never be able to do the big thing. It’s just myself. I’m fighting with myself for myself. I’m trying to free myself from the jail of thought. I’m trying not to want anything more than I have possessed, including anybody’s feeling. Does it sound like what you are doing, people?

I’m jealous people in the past. I close my eyes and see they wake up everyday, walking out the door to do meaningful things while I’m sitting here..helplessly and hopelessly.

2 thoughts on “what are you fighting for?

  1. I think you make it to easy Por. If you want to change something, go outside and do something. I don’t think people in the past had it easier to do “great”, to change the world. Don’t forget, we have to start small to cause something big.

    What exactly do you mean by saying “human being is facing the worst enemy”?

  2. Sweetheart,

    Oh yeah, it wasn’t easy that they did. You’re absolutely right.

    What I mean was..well, they knew what exactly they did fight for. Nature force, Freedom, democracy, human right, or whatever we could see. As studying history, I can see they were not alone for they were in the same battle. But for us, I just think we all are so lonely. There are more and more population in our world. But the post modern idea has brought a paradigm shift to all human. People are more individual. You can see from art works like painting or whatever. It tells us how people feel living in current world. We need not to suffer anymore as we have all those. We are not slave like people in the past anymore. But wait! I’m just not sure. It seems to me that we are fighting for freeing ourselves from being slaves of something else.

    Gosh!I hate my stupid English! You’d better come and sit next to me here. We would talk about it with some beer..hahaha/

    Oh well, it’s totally different what you have in your country and what I have in my country. At least, I believe, those they have power in your place are not full of shit in their head like these in my place.

    I’m going to have more and more shit in my head as well..hahaha. Want some? ^^

    Luv ya as always!

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