are we ready?

I have got many invitations to wedding lately. Oh well, it’s my age!. I didn’t notice, days and nights have gone, suddenly I wake up and realize that people in my generation have started their family’s lives already.

I have never been in wedding before. Some of my friends have got married, but I missed all weddings. : ( So now I’m kinda excited to be in the wedding for the first time : )

I have never thought about getting married. But of course, I have thought about being with my love one. I don’t know if they are the same thing? I always dream about waking up in the morning seeing someone I love everyday. But this idea also scares me. What about if someday after that I wanna be alone?

Just talk..hehehe…nobody has asked me to join his life yet.

I just wonder..are we ready, friends?

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