dear Mr.PM, give me back my country.

Ok guys, let me tell you why I’m going to the demonstration on this coming Saturday..

”Today Mr Thaksin lacks the legitimacy to administer the country. If the situation is allowed to continue, there will be bloodshed or violence. Thaksin has repeatedly lied to the people, so he is no longer trustworthy.”

“He had received the voters’ mandate to lead the country and, with political stability certain, the people had high expectations of him and his ability to solve the country’s -problems and unify the people.But although he has the people’s mandate he has destroyed major principles of the constitution. He has used the power given by the majority to interfere with and dominate the Senate and undermined the independence of agencies under the constitution, causing them to be unable to balance the power of the executive branch and demolishing the political reform process”

“Mr Thaksin had restricted the rights and freedom of the media and barred the people from staging peaceful gatherings as allowed by the charter. With his populist policies Mr Thaksin had distributed money everywhere causing the people to be in debt and fall into the habits of consumerism.”

“The government under Mr Thaksin had also caused much division and violence beyond remedy in the South.”

“He has allowed widespread corruption, especially by letting close associates and relatives reap benefits from -state projects.”

”He has exploited state policies and negotiations to further personal interests without the conscience of a good leader. He lacks the legitimacy to administer the country.”

”For the sake of the country’s peace and order he should terminate his role as prime minister before leading the country to more damageour role as prime minister before leading the country to more damage”

All right then, let’s go to the war!

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