another sad story

“Pang Kaoyai”…1 month baby elephant was found lonely and sick in Kao Yai National Park area. He had been finding his mommy for many hours, we guessed. He could hardly walk ,when Kao Yai officers found him, he got very weak body and tearful eyes.

The veterinarian team had tried to safe his life by doing everything they could. At the same time, another team had tried to find his mommy. They recorded Pang Kaoyai’s voice and followed the track of groups of elephant giving them the voice of the baby elephant. But there was no mommy elephant responded Pang Kaoyai’s voice. The mommy was still missing…

A week went by..many days and nights wore on.The veterinarian had done the best so far. But finally…little Pang Kaoyai fell asleep forever…

It had been hours after Pang Kaoyai had gone, the rescue team found Pang Kaoyai’s mommy as she was walking alone with tears in her eyes.. She was finding her baby without knowing that her baby wasn’t in this world anymore…

The baby elephant is going back to where he is from. But his mommy will be finding him for the rest of her life…

And I’m crying again…

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