on the go

I am so tired, but happy : )

I’m working on the “Customer Report” project. It’s gonna be the first pocketbook that disclosed informations which Thai customer should know such as FTA, Privatization, GMO, debt and some laws related to this kind of issues. I’m in the position of sub-editor so that I need to read a lot and re-write them. It’s not easy, but I really enjoy working with these scholars, journalists and lecturers for I have learnt a lot from them.

Also, I’m writing my own book. It’s gonna be the first published book written by me. Even it’s so small and I’m not gonna make money from it, I’m proud and excited to see my own book in the book store for the first time. : )

What else..? oh..right, happiness always stays with me, but also upset. Yesterday I went to take English test and I didn’t do very good jon on listening part. I’ve got enough score ( 6oo ) to attend to the program, but it didn’t meet my expectation. I need 620 to make sure that I will be granted for sholarship. : ( I was so angry at myself. I couldn’t keep concentrating on the test. I should have done better. Anyway, this is not an excuse. Deep down inside I know that my English is getting worse! I can’t believe that I was in America for almost 2 years!

Gosh!…I totally forgot that I have to work on my TV drama series scripts and there are still 2 tests waiting for me next week!

And I’m going to the war again…to get my dear PM’s ass out of the office!


3 thoughts on “on the go

  1. So what is your plan now? Where would you go? Wish to see you back in DC.

    BTW, let me know when your obok is launched please. Congrats on that!!


  2. No exact plan la. There are so much in my mind and my life always depends on climate..hehehe

    Anyway, I think I will go to visit you by this fall : ) Just keep your fingers crossed for me!

    My book…hehehe…I’m kinda “aye” to tell a’…I’m not sure I’m a good writer. T_T

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