black, white or gray ?

Recently,I was invited to lecture in a class with 150 comm arts students. I was kinda excited to see the offsrpings and to get to know what the new generations have got in their heads.

The topic was “Documentary Production in Globalization”. After I finished boasting..hehehe :D I spent another 1 hour discussing with the students about what’s going on in our society.

I asked them what they though about the political situation, whether they would join Taksin’s mobs or Anti-Taksin activities. What they said was “no”, becuase they did believe in neither Taksin nor Anti-Taksin. I could understand this thought.

But then they shocked me by telling me that…they don’t believe that there is real good or real bad in this world anymore. Everything in this world is gray color, no more black and white. Postmodernism has brought them to this cool idea!

I was speechless for the rest of hour.

As a cultural movement, postmodernism is an aspect of postmodernity, which is widely defined as the condition of society after modernity, including philosophy. I quite understand the development of thinking ways since human being settled down in our world. What I don’t understand is…how we are going to live in the world which people don’t believe in goodness!

I think the new generation is having a problem interpreting postmodernism. The postmodern philosophy emphasizes the importance of power relationships, personalization and discourse in the construction of truth and world views. Critical theorists assert that it is a break with artistic and philosophical tradition of the enlightenment.

It turns out that many offsprings in the lonely generation assume that they are postmodernist, and security of their individuality is more important than anything else. They believe that they don’t need to prove their value by serving society as they reject the former idealism. All emerging realities have been created by human so far, meaning that there is no actual reality existing in our knowledge. Nothing can be implied as good or bad!

I can’t accept this idea. I can’t live in the world without goodness or merit.

I don’t blame the younger, instead, we, older, should consider what kind of the world we have created…

p.s. Anway, I like to see myself in black and white frame : )

3 thoughts on “black, white or gray ?

  1. Hi Petitporr. I was bored today and started randomly looking at some blogs for fun, and came across yours. You seem like a really cool gal–I’m a 27 year old mixed (half American half Iranian) girl living in Korea (my fourth country). If you ever feel like checking out my blog, go to I’d love to somehow keep in touch. Mimi.

  2. P’Mian, st least I still believe in the decent nature of the good and the bad. How is the anti-Teksin activity so far?

  3. Hello Mini…thanks for greeting : ) I will surely go to visit your blog. I’d love to talk to you more as well : )

    Dearest Som…we have been having a great time at Sanam Luang so far ja. ^^ Hopefully by the time you come back there won’t be Anti-Taksin rally anymore. Wanna join la si…hehehe.

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