monkey is complaining

I went to my friend’s wedding yesterday. It was the first time that I put on a nice evening dress ( which I borrowed from my friend..hahaha ) and high-heeled shoes. I told myself that I could be a girly girl as looking at myself in the mirror. To be an absolutely girly girl, I started to put on make up. ^^

I had never put any make up on my face before, so that I was kinda excited. But it turned out that with those make up I looked exactly like a monkey in the circus!!!

I finally cleaned my face, put on jeans and nice jersey, grabbed my beloved tennis shoes and catched the bus to the party.. and was happy to be what I am. : )

Yeah..I think I’m neither pretty nor beautiful, and I don’t care what people think about my look. I know I’m precious : ) to my people, it’s enough. I do believe we, all girls, just have to pay respect to what we own.

Speaking of this matter, I have been frustrated with some skin lotion commercials on TV lately. They try to say something like “girls, if you wanna have better look or you wanna be wanted by those guys , you gotta have whiter skin, so try this’s gonna change your look and your life!” I hate that!!!!!!!!!!

I think they should be banned from those idiot boxes. They are telling lie! The fact is that we were born different and nothing can change our skin color. Those commercials are such mean liars! Morever, they have brought the rubbish idea to many girls. Poor girl ! she doesn’t realize that she has become victim of capitalism. Her skin will never be white and she is wasting money for nothing, but junk. She doesn’t realize that true love has nothing to do with her skin color, and her nice guy is not seeking for chemical white skin, but her heart.

Who was the first one saying that whiter skin is more value? Go to hell!

I’m not saying this because I have darker skin. Yes I have darker what? I love my brown skin which my real-Thai parents gave me. And if any guy considers my skin as a condition of friendship, just get out of my life.

Somebody has to do something to stop! Actually there is not only whitening lotion commercial, there are many more junks on TV which are destroying our own good and respect.

Have you ever imagined that how the world would look like with all white color?

We all see that how beautiful all colors are making our world.

p.s. I’d rather be a monkey than GMO human. : )

3 thoughts on “monkey is complaining

  1. Dearest Por

    I’m afraid that I must correct you. I can perfectly remember one evening back in Atlanta-times we were all dressing up for a ballet called “Swanlake”. On that very evening we put you into a skirt and high heels, and we even put make up on your face! And you looked prettier than ever (: But you are right, pretty is only who is confident himself of his own beauty.

    And to the fact that a lot of people are unhappy with their skin color, I must tell you that most people who have white skin would die to have your skin color. It’s beautiful. I guess we only want those things we can’t or don’t have.

  2. Steff,’re right! I did have high heels shoes on, but just for 5 or 10 minutes, if you remember, I walked with my “nudy feet” all the subway, on the streets ( and it was bloody cold! . I did remember the make up you and Sabine put on my face too..nice lipstick and another stuff that made me cheeks red ( how to call that??) Maybe next time you can teach me how to color my eyes, eyelash and eyebrows : ) Oops! Just think about it, I feel funny on my face.

    The dress that I first put on for my friend’s wedding was very pretty. I felt like I was going to my own wedding! hahaha :D


    P’red camera so no picture : ( You gotta come, I will pick you up from the airport with my pyjamas. ^^ dee mai?

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