I miss you..my dearest krispy kreme

I have been feeling sad without reason since waking up in the morning : (

I don’t wanna do anything, except laying down on my bed thinking that how nice it would be to have Krispy Kreme Doughnut for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

God..please send me Krispy Kreme in my dream tonight.

4 thoughts on “I miss you..my dearest krispy kreme

  1. I will have a Dunkin Doughnut (or even a Krispy Kreme Doughnut if they have those in London) on my trip for you, okay (:

  2. Hey princess Stef..my friend told me that you can find Krispy Kreme in London, but it costs 1 pound for 1 piece! Hell! right? I’d better save that money for seeing you. I can make donut from jasmine rice ^^ Interesting?

    Oh here..Stef and Mini..May I introduce you girls to each other? :) This is Mini and this is Stefi. Okie dogie..let’s get drunk together! hehehe.

    Mini..don’t you like to eat sweet stuff? Maybe you are sweet enough : ) I’m so lonely like a homeless dog here, really need something sweet. : D Hmn..gotta try Korean food soon.

  3. Hi petitporr!
    Hello Stef! Nice to meet you:) And yes, I eat sweet things, but I prefer chocolate–that really smooth kind. I got turned off from donuts a long time ago when I walked into a donut-making factory.. they deep fry them twice–it was an emotional scar, what can I say? But everyone is free to eat anything they like–or can, rather–Sorry petitporr!

    In Korea they have these things called “hoe-tok” which basically tastes better than a donut but is only fried once (yay!^^) It’s reeaaally good! Come to Korea sometime and we’ll share some!

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