not a happy day, not a bad day

I felt empty as I was waiting for my phone to ring all the night. Then morning came, nobody had called, and I cried.

There were some works need to be done. But I just couldn’t start. I ran around my small room and found my poor guitar sleeping in the dresser. I grabbed her, wanted to play, but she was broken…just like how I was.

I felt sad for her. She should have been with someone else, not me who all the time played only sad songs…

Not a happy day…

After having been to the rally everyday, I’m now taking a break for going back there again soon. There are so much to do and to think. How are we going to do next? Now it’s not the fight between 2 power guys, but it’s the conflict deepened in people all over the country. I was so mad and sad to hear and see what just happened with Kom Chad Luek newspaper and what those stupid did in Chiang Mai.

I see no way out, but I won’t give up my hope. I’m tired, but I won’t discourage myself. And I’m poor, but I will be always rich with happiness and friends.

Not a bad day actually…

I just spent a lot of money at book fair. Now I’m totally broke. I have just 500 baht left for the whole month. I will try and see if I can do it, to survive with this money. Many farmers and labours can do it ! They make small money to feed their big families. I must be able to do it too!

I wish I could play and sing a happy song. I would go out to the park in my area and make some noney to buy icecream :D

Hmn..It’s ok..I can eat my books. :D

Ok…I’m going to fix my guitar..and fix my feeling. No more waiting for emptiness.

3 thoughts on “not a happy day, not a bad day

  1. Don’t worry about having so little money for the month–you will be fine. And when the month is over you can tell me the wonderful news that it worked, even with such little money:) I have faith in you!
    And don’t feel sad–I am sending you a hug over blog:D! By the way, I think what you’re doing is great… I used to do so many political rallies when I was in America, so I know how much energy it requires and how sad you can feel sometimes. I cried for the whole world so many times. You’re a wonderful human being for that–tears are a gift–it means you have a good heart:D

  2. Yeah..Mimi. I have really started doing that! It’s not too bad indeed. And now I think I’m going to be down to the earth,close to the world more and more, without “money”. ^^ Yesterday I walked to many places instead of taking the bus. I was able to feel my feet..for the first time in many many years!

    I was jealous when I heard the Korean PM resignation news. I don’t know between Bush and Taksin which one is worse. They both are big junks of the planet! I’m so tired, but don’t worry, we gotta fight them together until they get their ass out of the offices. ^^

    Thanks for your support and cyber hug. I’m sending you a big kiss back to you. You know what..sometimes when I read your blog I tell myself that “why you ain’t a guy?” hehehe. :D I would ask you to love me for sure. : )


  3. You know its funny that you say that because when I first read your blog I also wished you were a guy–you’re so cool! Where are all the really cool guys of the world? There are so few left for us!
    I totally agree about Bush, who loves screwing up the world–the sooner he’s out of office, the better! It’s part of the reason I don’t want to be in America right now–I don’t want my tax money going to the military. I was so depressed even the first time he illegally won, let alone the second. But it’s comforting to know there are more people like me out there:) I have to read up on Thailand politics more, to know what is going on there also.

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