when the rainy season comes

The 28th rainy season in my life is already here.

It has been raining in Bangkok, and I’ve been in rainy mood as I always am in this season of every year. Watching rain drops falling down is one of the most peaceful activities, and one of the most lonely things to do…

I love when it rains in the filed of grain. I love smell of soil after raining. I love to sing along when walking on wet ground with my nudy feet…

But I don’t know why I feel sad when it rains in the city like Bangkok.

As watching the rain drops dropping down, I can feel my tear drops dropping down inside..again and again..

What am I to do with rain in my mind?

3 thoughts on “when the rainy season comes

  1. You are not alone. I have been waiting for sun rays for at least 2 months now. Or even much longer.
    Still… raise your head and look above

  2. I know your feeling… it creeps up on me sometimes when I don’t want it to.. when I’m sitting there by myself with no one to hold. It can be depressing.

    I know your feeling, but sometimes being lonely reminds us that we can only look up:) Stef is right:) If you look up, you are looking up at the same sky that everyone else does… So imagine that we’re looking at the same thing together (even though it’s hard to see stars in Seoul with all the pollution;).

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. Sweetheart! Today is a first one! Our temperature goes up to 20 degrees Celsius! This HAS to be a good day! Don’t forget to smile, always! Miss you, Stef

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