once upon the time in the southern mountain

Once upon the time in the southern mountain…

We had no food left, no energy to walk and no heart to hope. It was the rainy day as we had been tracking them across mountains for a week and had found only their footprints, I decided to tell my staffs to stop. We were going home with failed project. The documentary titled “Sakai : the aboriginal of southern jungle” would be just in our dreams.

And then, like god sent us a present (even if I didn’t believe in god). We found them while we were getting lost in the rainy jungle. And this little boy became my production assistant : D though we couldn’t speak each other’s language even a single word.

It was amazing how they lived their lives in 20th century with nothing ( not even cloth! ) but 2 feet and 2 hands. They taught me how wonderful life could be. I can’t explain. You gotta see it yourself. There were many unbelievable things…like this woman…she delivered her baby while I was there. ( I was dead excited! ) and just 3 minutes after we first heard her baby cry, she got up and walked around the place!

It was 4 years ago : ) I lost most of photos taken at that time, just 2 left. All I have are many pictures in my memory. I wonder how they are these day…in the place where is not safe for people anymore.

I’m going to the south again, this time not for seeking for the happy true world , but for tracking sad stories of the southern terrorist…it’s another true world…

Some people have food to eat, energy to walk, but still no heart to hope. It is the rainy day as they have been tracking something across the universe for their entire lives and have found nothing…

God bless them. (even I don’t believe in god)

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