hello wordpress

I’m so happy with my new blog which I have created 2 nights ago. Thanks Job, without her help I would have been stuck in the first page for sure. Now we all in ‘the room of buffalos’ have our own space. I have given my hand to Kun and Jeab to create their blogs as well. Hope they will ‘pay it forward’ to Zong and other members of PUDSA. :D

Anyway, when I first had my blog in Exteen (before moving to Blogspot), I meant to make it my peaceful resort for being with myself. Now I don’t think it’s gonna be private place anymore. So may I issue some rules for my place?

Rule number 1 : do not laught at my funny ‘n poor English (and my ‘crying river’ Thai.) :D Rule number 2 : do not petend to be what you are not while being here.

And rule number 3 : ‘pay it forward’ if there is any goodness you see throught my little world.

May force be with you, and may peace be with us. : )

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