profits or lives?

In my view, one of the best thing the coup-government has done so far is the announcement of compulsory licence (CL) for the domestic manufacture of 3 drugs…which save many many of people’s life from the threat of fatal diseases like AIDS and heart illness.

I remember it came just before World AIDS Day on 1 December, 2006. The move has been a victory for people living with AIDS and some of us trying to treat Thai citizens in the face of astronomical drug prices. (and for this, Public Health Minister Mongkol Na Songkhla-I adore you)

What’s going on? The ministry has been under heavy pressure. The announcement of CL is the main reason behind the US Trade Representative’s decision to put Thailand on the priority watch list for intellectual property piracy. Oh shit!

Compulsory licencing is allowed under World Trade Organization rules so that the countries can temporarily suspend patent protections on medicine to safeguard public health in national emergencies or justified non-commercial cased. And Patent-holders can receive some royalties.

We are not doing the wrong thing! We are in the rule of law, and on the way of human security.

Well, we believe that some ill-intention group has distorted facts to damage Thailand’s image in the (blind) eyes of the US powerman.

You, Pharmaceutical giants, haven’t you made enough money from illness of the poor?

I hope the government won’t exchange the ‘unreal’ GDP growing number with people’s life!

p.s. Abbott laboratories, you will never ever make money from my sickness. I’d better die!