after 4 years

I can’t believe it took me 4 years to come back here. Oh my poor abandoned garden. I am now trying to recall the good feelings of planting my pieces of thoughts on this soil.

It was neither Facebook nor other flash social media that took me away. It was rather my jobs that made me an exhausted working woman with hyperactivity disorder. I totally forgot how to write freely and how to walk with my naked feet and my little camera looking for little small things on sideways.

I should have started blogging again ever since I came back to school in late 2014. For some reasons, I lost my way back to this place.

Ok, no more whining.

This should be the best time in my life before I get too old to explore the world. I am now a PhD student with a full scholarship, and with a level of freedom to do so many things.

No complains, I must have. Live as a full time student at this age is like a dream. Back then, I was always telling myself that I needed a holiday to be able to sit, read and write. Now these activities have become my task.

How lucky I am to have a four year holiday, yes, in a graduate school :)