about me

‘Por’ is ‘Petite” because I love to be little :)

A media maker by education, a poor independent journo by training, an info-activist by passion. I live in LaLa Land but always find my feet on the ground. I love mountain, trekking, cultures, New Age music, tennis and soccer. I am also a part time photographer, and a full time dreamer :)

I don’t call myself a liberal, I seek for freedom, equality, equity and social justice. I believe in people’s power and something called citizen journalism can enhance it . At the same time, I believe that we can coexist though we are so different, and media can play role in so-called peacebuilding. This is why I currently  became a graduate student in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies at University for Peace.

After ll, I love being an ordinary person : )


contact : petitpor@yahoo.com

location : here, there and everywhere

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