letter to mr.santa

Dear Mr.Santa,

I know it’s too early. But then you will have enough time to make my dreams (in another word, to make money :D)

My Christmas 2008 wish list

1 Nikon 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor AIS Manual Focus Lens

2 Sigma AF 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC HSM Macro Lens for Nikon DSLR

3 a good laptop (which can hold Adobe Premiere and lots of footage)

4 ticket to India! I wanna go to India! ^0^

You might have already started planing on my Christmas presents. It would be highly appreciated if you could change from jewelry to those in my wish list :D

I love you, Mr.Santa.

from your little shit

p.s. You don’t need to wait until Christmas Eve. Many plants in my garden are always ready for presents.


profits or lives?

In my view, one of the best thing the coup-government has done so far is the announcement of compulsory licence (CL) for the domestic manufacture of 3 drugs…which save many many of people’s life from the threat of fatal diseases like AIDS and heart illness.

I remember it came just before World AIDS Day on 1 December, 2006. The move has been a victory for people living with AIDS and some of us trying to treat Thai citizens in the face of astronomical drug prices. (and for this, Public Health Minister Mongkol Na Songkhla-I adore you)

What’s going on? The ministry has been under heavy pressure. The announcement of CL is the main reason behind the US Trade Representative’s decision to put Thailand on the priority watch list for intellectual property piracy. Oh shit!

Compulsory licencing is allowed under World Trade Organization rules so that the countries can temporarily suspend patent protections on medicine to safeguard public health in national emergencies or justified non-commercial cased. And Patent-holders can receive some royalties.

We are not doing the wrong thing! We are in the rule of law, and on the way of human security.

Well, we believe that some ill-intention group has distorted facts to damage Thailand’s image in the (blind) eyes of the US powerman.

You, Pharmaceutical giants, haven’t you made enough money from illness of the poor?

I hope the government won’t exchange the ‘unreal’ GDP growing number with people’s life!

p.s. Abbott laboratories, you will never ever make money from my sickness. I’d better die!

hello wordpress

I’m so happy with my new blog which I have created 2 nights ago. Thanks Job, without her help I would have been stuck in the first page for sure. Now we all in ‘the room of buffalos’ have our own space. I have given my hand to Kun and Jeab to create their blogs as well. Hope they will ‘pay it forward’ to Zong and other members of PUDSA. :D

Anyway, when I first had my blog in Exteen (before moving to Blogspot), I meant to make it my peaceful resort for being with myself. Now I don’t think it’s gonna be private place anymore. So may I issue some rules for my place?

Rule number 1 : do not laught at my funny ‘n poor English (and my ‘crying river’ Thai.) :D Rule number 2 : do not petend to be what you are not while being here.

And rule number 3 : ‘pay it forward’ if there is any goodness you see throught my little world.

May force be with you, and may peace be with us. : )

happy daddy day


I know you will never see this message, still I want to say… “I love you, dad!”

Well, well, I promise that someday in the future I’ll say this word to you, but you gotta be good with me first ok? hehehe. :D

Oh, let me make something clear. Last year, at this time, you asked me not to go to the deep south. But I’ve done it many times since then ^^ without telling you. I’m not going to say sorry to you ok? Because, to be fair, you have opened my mail to read many times as well! ho~ ho~ ho~

It’s actually an ordinary day, but,
Happy Daddy Day to you all!

we failed!

Many people have asked me how I think about the situation happening in Thailand.

How do I think about the coup? am I agree with the army? do I think what the army has done is worse than what Mr.Taksin has done?

I couldn’t answer those questions. I didn’t even know how I felt at the moment.

I remember..as watching the empty TV screen and hearing the voice from internet radio, I cried.

It has been 5 days after the Council for Democratic Reform under Constitutional Monarchy led by Gen.Sonthi kicked Mr.Taksin and his pal out. I still don’t know how should I feel.

I don’t like military coups. But meanwhile, I believe in the coup leader, Gen. Sonthi. I believe he means to pull the country out from a political quagmire and he has no desire to be a powerman. Moreover, from my experience working on the southern issue, I believe he is a good man.

I should be happy for Mr.Taksin is no longer in the office. But the military coup makes me sad. No..it’s not because military coup is not democracy. I have no knowledge about what democracy should be. I have no idea about political science. I’m sad because finally what we have tried to do for months is gone with the wind and Thai people won’t learn anything again and again.

At the moment I’m not angry at anybody, not Taksin nor the army.

It hurts me so bad to realize that Thai democracy doesn’t work. It’s people’s fault. It’s our fault because we all the time just sit and watch our democracy destroyed by those people without doing anything!

I believed in people power, but at the moment I’m not sure if I still do..

Now I can only say..our democracy failed, our country failed, because we, people failed to protect what we have been crying for..