what have we been up to?

You asked…what I have been up to these day?

What I have been up to? hmn…

I am bored with Thai politic. When I turn on TV, I don’t wanna see those guys, I don’t wanna hear anything from Taksin or anti-Taksin people. The persons I wanna see the most are Roger Federer and Argentinean soccer players :D

I went to the south of Thailand. I got some new friends, and ideas for writing. I have been in love with the southern sky and the smile of Musim people. : )

I have been reading “The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman for a month and fall asleep with it almost every night.

I went to see Asanee-Wasan concert. It was so awesome! I came back and put their songs in my iPod, so that I have been with their music ever since. Only one thing…I didn’t get “pik guitar” from P’Pom : (

what else?…

I’m in love with myself..with what I’m doing now. : )

What about you guys? What have you been up to?

Are you in love with yourself?

monkey is complaining

I went to my friend’s wedding yesterday. It was the first time that I put on a nice evening dress ( which I borrowed from my friend..hahaha ) and high-heeled shoes. I told myself that I could be a girly girl as looking at myself in the mirror. To be an absolutely girly girl, I started to put on make up. ^^

I had never put any make up on my face before, so that I was kinda excited. But it turned out that with those make up I looked exactly like a monkey in the circus!!!

I finally cleaned my face, put on jeans and nice jersey, grabbed my beloved tennis shoes and catched the bus to the party.. and was happy to be what I am. : )

Yeah..I think I’m neither pretty nor beautiful, and I don’t care what people think about my look. I know I’m precious : ) to my people, it’s enough. I do believe we, all girls, just have to pay respect to what we own.

Speaking of this matter, I have been frustrated with some skin lotion commercials on TV lately. They try to say something like “girls, if you wanna have better look or you wanna be wanted by those guys , you gotta have whiter skin, so try this lotion..it’s gonna change your look and your life!” I hate that!!!!!!!!!!

I think they should be banned from those idiot boxes. They are telling lie! The fact is that we were born different and nothing can change our skin color. Those commercials are such mean liars! Morever, they have brought the rubbish idea to many girls. Poor girl ! she doesn’t realize that she has become victim of capitalism. Her skin will never be white and she is wasting money for nothing, but junk. She doesn’t realize that true love has nothing to do with her skin color, and her nice guy is not seeking for chemical white skin, but her heart.

Who was the first one saying that whiter skin is more value? Go to hell!

I’m not saying this because I have darker skin. Yes I have darker skin..so what? I love my brown skin which my real-Thai parents gave me. And if any guy considers my skin as a condition of friendship, just get out of my life.

Somebody has to do something to stop! Actually there is not only whitening lotion commercial, there are many more junks on TV which are destroying our own good and respect.

Have you ever imagined that how the world would look like with all white color?

We all see that how beautiful all colors are making our world.

p.s. I’d rather be a monkey than GMO human. : )

black, white or gray ?

Recently,I was invited to lecture in a class with 150 comm arts students. I was kinda excited to see the offsrpings and to get to know what the new generations have got in their heads.

The topic was “Documentary Production in Globalization”. After I finished boasting..hehehe :D I spent another 1 hour discussing with the students about what’s going on in our society.

I asked them what they though about the political situation, whether they would join Taksin’s mobs or Anti-Taksin activities. What they said was “no”, becuase they did believe in neither Taksin nor Anti-Taksin. I could understand this thought.

But then they shocked me by telling me that…they don’t believe that there is real good or real bad in this world anymore. Everything in this world is gray color, no more black and white. Postmodernism has brought them to this cool idea!

I was speechless for the rest of hour.

As a cultural movement, postmodernism is an aspect of postmodernity, which is widely defined as the condition of society after modernity, including philosophy. I quite understand the development of thinking ways since human being settled down in our world. What I don’t understand is…how we are going to live in the world which people don’t believe in goodness!

I think the new generation is having a problem interpreting postmodernism. The postmodern philosophy emphasizes the importance of power relationships, personalization and discourse in the construction of truth and world views. Critical theorists assert that it is a break with artistic and philosophical tradition of the enlightenment.

It turns out that many offsprings in the lonely generation assume that they are postmodernist, and security of their individuality is more important than anything else. They believe that they don’t need to prove their value by serving society as they reject the former idealism. All emerging realities have been created by human so far, meaning that there is no actual reality existing in our knowledge. Nothing can be implied as good or bad!

I can’t accept this idea. I can’t live in the world without goodness or merit.

I don’t blame the younger, instead, we, older, should consider what kind of the world we have created…

p.s. Anway, I like to see myself in black and white frame : )

are we ready?

I have got many invitations to wedding lately. Oh well, it’s my age!. I didn’t notice, days and nights have gone, suddenly I wake up and realize that people in my generation have started their family’s lives already.

I have never been in wedding before. Some of my friends have got married, but I missed all weddings. : ( So now I’m kinda excited to be in the wedding for the first time : )

I have never thought about getting married. But of course, I have thought about being with my love one. I don’t know if they are the same thing? I always dream about waking up in the morning seeing someone I love everyday. But this idea also scares me. What about if someday after that I wanna be alone?

Just talk..hehehe…nobody has asked me to join his life yet.

I just wonder..are we ready, friends?

what are you fighting for?

I just finished reading 1,100 pages of the great story named “Personal History” by “Katharine Graham”. I am feeling smaller than I always feel, but also impressed. If you are American, you know well how powerful Katharine Graham was, how much she did for the mass communication and nations. She was one of those who bravely fought and strongly stood through the age of human being. Even you are not American, I believe you will feel the same as reading her story.

Since history of human began, we have been fighting for something believed that would bring us to the better world. Knowing that what people in the past did, what exactly they fought for and what inspired them to do so, I question to myself that what we are doing in the world which seems to be the better place. I feel that we are still fighting. We are even facing the worse enemy for we don’t really know and see it. Don’t you agree with me that everyday we wake up with fear and go to bed with exhausted body and mind? If we are in the better world, why there are more and more unhappy people? Why we still feel so lonely?

Oh well, at least, at the moment I know what I’m fighting with and for. It’s not the big thing and becuase I will never be able to do the big thing. It’s just myself. I’m fighting with myself for myself. I’m trying to free myself from the jail of thought. I’m trying not to want anything more than I have possessed, including anybody’s feeling. Does it sound like what you are doing, people?

I’m jealous people in the past. I close my eyes and see they wake up everyday, walking out the door to do meaningful things while I’m sitting here..helplessly and hopelessly.

butterfly effect

Every body has heard the word that “pick flowers, the stars shake” But how many of us realize that it really happens.

I have best friend who just graduated from Europe. Well, you know how expensive it is to study in London. But you may not know that the money which one Thai student spends for master degree in abroad could build a house for a big family in countryside and buy food to feed them all for years.

My friend’s parents own a business. They import chemical fertilizer and sell it to  farmers. Their customers are from everywhere in Thailand. They surely make a lot of money from increasing the price which, of course, increases the cost of farming. The living cost is more and more expensive everyday but Thai farmers sell their product in cheaper price, especially when the world is full of free trade areas like these days. It means those farmers will never have better lives…

I’m not saying that my friend’s parents are bad people as I know them in person. I’m just sad to see that nowadays people don’t know how we affect each other’s lives. They have grown up with the idea that making money is making happiness. When was the first time people started to give the meaning to money and hold on to it?

My big question is..what is my friend going to do to make a better society, to give those farmers (who really gave her money for study) back.? I wonder as listening her talking about her new business, to sell again..

Am I too serious? Oh well..I’m just in the mood of complaining..